How Can DJs Get Access to High Quality Music?

This was the question that sparked an idea and a movement. When we created UGM Digital, our desire was to create a single platform that gave professional DJs, producers, and artists from around the globe access to download high-quality music at a competitive price. UGM Digital has, and continues to, partner with the biggest record labels, software companies, artists and producers worldwide. Our goal is to be the world’s leading subscription-based digital record pool that provides essential DJ and producer tools for the creative community.


Who We Are

In 2019, the idea of UGM Digital was birthed as a means of providing DJs with high-quality music from reputable sources such as artists, labels and managers. Today, UGM Digital stands as a premiere subscription-based digital record pool that services DJs, producers, and artists around the globe. With a growing staff, UGM Digital stands poised to help professional DJs grow in their respective fields.

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UGM Digital