DJs, Labels, Producers, and Radio Consider UGM Digital a Trusted Source for Music

“UGM Digital is easily the best record pool for faith based music BOOST RADIO has seen and used!”

Mike Couchman, Program Director/DJ, BOOST Radio

“UGM Digital is doing great work with the DJ community, which is vitally needed in these times.”

Opuruiche “OP” Miller, Serato Artist Relations Manager

DJ Justified, UGM Digital Featured DJ

“The UGM team has been very accommodating and easy to work with. I am excited to see what the future holds.”

DJ Justified, California

“When it comes to music, UGM Digital never fails to deliver. As a producer, being able to have a source for instrumentals and acapellas for remixes is great. Love the brand, love people, and love the community!”

Dan “Dilemma” Thomas, GRAMMY nominated producer

“I’ve seen few truly progressive platforms in the record pool space in my 24 years in the music business. UGM Digital is listening and adapting. I can’t say enough about how much I believe in their platform.”

Josh Niemyjski, Founder, Sphere of Hip-Hop

“It’s great to see a platform like UGM Digital that continues to push good music forward through discovery and exposure. DJs and producers definitely won’t be disappointed with UGM Digital!”

Amanda “Butta P” Small, Founder, Good City Music

“We are so excited to be partnering with UGM Digital! It will definitely serve as a platform for us to learn about the artists and DJs you hear on Clear Hits Radio!”

Caleb Williams, Station Manager, Clear Hits Radio

“UGM Digital is a very innovative digital record pool for today’s modern music industry. Good company, great people we look forward to working with them!

Michael Matthews, Digital Radio Tracker, Founder

“UGM Digital is my #1 choice when I’m looking for the hottest music in Christian Hip-Hop. I keep my crates ready with exclusive remixes, mashups, DJ edits and DJ Tools. No cap!”

DJ Tranzformed, New York

"We know you will say the same thing..."


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